About Us

A Great First Impression With Designer Doors Of Austin

The first impression friends and visitors get of your home or business is always made at the front door. That's where we come in. Designer Doors Of Austin is owned and operated by Stephen and Julie Swartz and specializes in upgrading existing entryways. Designer Doors Of Austin has always been focused on reversing the trend of impersonalized business by paying special attention to every detail of our customers' needs. We use only the best quality materials available. We insist on a personal consultation with each prospective customer to help them choose a design that will complement the existing features of their home.

All panels are individually handmade to order where clients select the glass of their choice. All panels come with a custom milled poplar raised molding, painted to match your door. Clients can choose to upgrade to oak or mahogany moldings custom stained to match your door's appearance so it will look like an original.

If a new door is not what you're looking for, remodeling entry doors with decorative art glass is a new, cost effective trend in design without the mess. Your doors never leave your home and all work is completed on your driveway in approximately ninety minutes.

If you are thinking of selling your home, remodeling your entryway is an effective way to increase your chances of a quick sale. People frequently use Designer Doors Of Austin to attract buyers.

An entry with a designer door will not only be seen as a door to your home, but also a door to your heart!

Designer Doors Of Austin is fully insured and can offer hundreds of referrals from satisfied customers in the Austin area. As owners/operators, Stephen and Julie deal directly with their customers, choosing not to leave such details to a representative.

Photo - Owners - Stephen and Julie Swartz